• Spring Sale: March 24-27
    Where families save 50-90% on everything growing kids need

Where families save 50-90% on everything growing kids need

A mom and her child hug in between two rows of little girl clothes

Spring Sale: March 24-27

A mom with a large JBF shopping bag on her shoulder stands beside her husband who wears their toddler at a JBF sale.

Kids grow SO fast!

Are you tired of paying too much for clothes that your kids quickly outgrow? When you shop at Just Between Friends, you'll save hundreds of dollars on clothes, shoes, books, toys and all the baby gear you need for the next season of your child's life. You feel good when your kids look great—all at huge savings.

Spring Sale: ​March 24-27
Eisenhower Business Center
2415 S Austin Ave, Suite 103

​Denison, TX 75020


We have helped local families save thousands of dollars...we can help you, too.

We know it can be so expensive to buy all the things your growing family needs. And you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality or time. It is possible to provide well for your kids, stay within budget, and shop at one place. That's why we created Just Between Friends—a one-stop shopping experience that happens three times a year in the Texoma area.

How to Shop & Save

1. Get your tickets

2. Make your shopping list—find sizes for infant through teen

3. Shop the HUGE selection—save 50-90%


Savings & Selection

At every sale you can find gently-loved and new clothes • ​toys • shoes • books • baby gear and more!

When you shop at Just Between Friends you can expect

50-90% off retail prices

High quality name brand items

Huge selection under one roof

All items approved for safety

A welcoming community

We partner with local charities


A look at a sale


We get it—raising a family gets expensive!

A military husband in camo kisses his military wife, also in camo, at the JBF sale in Tacoma Washington.

Shopping retail = hours in a mall spending way more than you planned. Garage sales & social media buying = disappointing and frustrating when items or connections aren't what you hoped they'd be. 

Shop Just Between Friends pop-up sales to save hundreds of dollars on new and gently-used clothes, toys, shoes, books and gear for all sizes—infant to teen, plus maternity—all in one place. Items are inspected for quality and safety which means great items at huge savings. You get stylish, confident, good-looking kids while saving money and time. That's smart!


We love happy Shoppers!

Wondering how shoppers feel about the bargains and selection at a JBF sale? Take a look!

A mom, abuela and granddaughter attend a JBF sale in Dallas. Abuela is holding a babyseat.

It would cost 5 times as much at a retail store

JBF Sherman is so awesome! It would cost FIVE TIMES as much at a retail store for me to get everything I get at JBF. And everything is still in great shape!

Elizabeth K • JBF Shopper & Seller

A mom and grandmother stand beside a rack of clothing at a JBF sale in Texas.

Buy a season's worth + some to grow on

We love JBF! With our son growing out of things at lightening speed, I'm glad I can shop the seasonal sales to get sizes he's currently in as well as stock up on what he'll grow into...plus so much more!

KayCie D • JBF Shopper

A mom and grandmother stand beside a rack of clothing at a JBF sale in Texas.
Kids grow fast...keeping up can be expensive!

Such a great place to shop for the kiddos. Kids grow so fast, keeping up with them can be expensive! Thankful for JBF and what they do! Can't wait for the next sale! 

Micah V • JBF Shopper

Three generations shop together at their local JBF sale. Mom carries baby in a baby carrier while grandmom stands behind them.

Budget-friendly prices and good quality

With our family of 6, JBF is an amazing resource, not just for clothes, but for so much more! Shopping on a budget is a must for us & the fact that JBF not only provides budget-friendly prices, but also that of good quality is what keeps us coming back. 

Leann S • JBF Shopper & Seller


Are you a new parent or grandparent?

A young JBF shopper mom in a black Metallica T-shirt holds an outfit she intends to buy at her local JBF sale.

Learn the 5 Things to Never Buy New

Many parents and grandparents think they have to buy NEW to get the best for their kids. What if there's a way to get the best (and the safest) items you want  at a fraction of the cost? Now that's smart! Read our "5 Things to Never Buy New" Guide. This Guide will save you over $380!
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